Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our reflection in SST after about 6 months- Jun Hong

From the past few months, when I set foot onto SST on the first day of school, i had a bad feeling of starting the day badly by giving a bad impression on my schoolmates. Then when the first session started, i thought that the teachers will be like those cranky and hot-tempered ones. But actually all teachers are kind and friendly. Except the chemistry teacher, a strict guy as if we are in the National Service, but nontheless still quite fine after some time. My classmate were quite funny and great to play with. I had the feeling that our class is not the same as the previous class i went through. We (109) as the teacher commented took longer to bond with as everybody during that time were extremely shy. But when we bond together it would be quite difficult to separate. Almost everyone were from different schools all over Singapore. I was very privileged to be learning in SST. Although we went home quite late and we did not quite like it because we were not the used to it. Each student is very uniquely different in my class. We have quite a large variety of different attitudes and lifestyles. Then at the first few days of school were the most fun ones we had the camp and it was fantastic apart from the mosquitoes, the hard floor we had to sleep and the part where everyone of us 150 students have to share 3 small rooms. But still the activities lined up for us. Overall, it was a pleasant experience considering the things we have learnt.

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