Sunday, May 16, 2010

My reflection--Cherin

Well, during the past 5 months here, a lot has happened from the 1st day I've been here. My first time I've been here, I feel that this school is exciting, yet interesting. To me, its an opportunity that I can make an impression in for the next few years and I feel honored to do that.
My first impression when I stepped into S1-09---my class I'm in, is that everyone is really friendly, and not as gossipy as my previous class back at my primary school. (which in a way thats good) The thing is we (S1-09) isn't really bonding together that fast, and many people seem shy (though I did get to see their true colors and personality after a while...), even during the camp, and I've met quite a few people in the camp, understand their personalities, and that made me glad that no one else from my primary school came into SST, as I want to get to know new people..
Through lessons, excursions, hanging out with my whole class, even just listening and seeing them enjoying each school day, makes me glad that I've chosen this school, with many new friends from this class and other classes, I'm really glad I chose this school with new learning experiences, new classmates/schoolmates, new things to know about each and every day, who wouldn't want to come to SST?

In the future months/days, I want to do my best for SST! Strive to excel as I say!

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