Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jonan's 5 Months in SST.

SST has been a fun place to study. The students and teachers are both eccentric and interesting people, with all kinds of people coming here to study. My classmates are friendly and surprising in their personality diversity and their behavior. The teachers are not like the teachers at other schools. They are creative in teaching techniques, have senses of humor and are funny.
At the start of the year, everyone seemed hostile to each other. We did not understand and know each other. But the activities helped us all to bond, especially the camp. The activities helped us to all work together to get things done, and we all bonded strongly. We as a class have bonded quite strongly according to the teachers, allowing us a sense of common spirit and strong support for each other.

My learning journey at SST for the past five months.......

At SST, teachers use applied learning to make learning at SST a journey more fun. Applied learning can make learning more fun by letting students have hands-on learning experiences so that they will understand what they are taught better, remember what they are taught better and also make learning more fun for them!

Students are required to do a lot of project and group work, in randomly assigned groups by the teachers so that they can learn to socialize, work together and communicate with different people better. This can help prepare SST students for future large projects in upper secondary, pre-university, university etc if they need to work with different people or people whom they do not know at all.

Proven applied learning techniques with the latest information and communications technology (ICT) as well as Interactive Digital Media (IDM) will be consciously infused into various subjects to provide an innovative and engaging learning environment.

SST conducts a lot of workshops, talks, seminars, learning journeys and overseas learning journeys to make learning more fun for the students, to help them apply the skills that they have learnt in various subjects in real life situations, widen the student’s experience of the world, let them experience things which they probably have never experienced before and many other things. SST also connects with other various schools on overseas learning journeys and let the students interact with those students as the school motto is : “A Globally Connected Institution Of Science And Technology”. This is what differs SST from other schools in Singapore too!

SST also focus on teaching students Innovation and Entrepreneurship so as to prepare students for the workforce in the later part of their life. This skill is very also important when doing business. In order to help the students learn better and also give them a wider view of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, SST will occasionally hire people experienced in doing business such as the CEO of a particular company or an inventor to give talks during assembly. SST also organise camps and workshops on Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the students to help them enhance their learning. One such example is a two days and one night Innovation and Entrepreneurship camp at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. At the camp, the students will learn business and marketing skills and have business students studying at Ngee Ann Polytechnic to guide them along the way.

Students have a lot of hands-on learning experiences at SST during lesson times so as to make learning more fun, easier to understand and easier to remember too! For example, during an Art, Design, Media and Technology (ADMT) lesson, the teacher require the students to brainstorm on the topic ‘Our Polluted Environment’ and come up with a way or a solution to solve the problem. So the students will brainstorm all their ideas. After that, the teacher helped turn their ideas into reality. One particular group focused on too much carbon emissions from cars, factories etc and they decided to do a video to warn people about it and try to produce less carbon emissions. Lets take a look at what they have done......

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Not only for Art, Design, Media and Technology is this way of teaching applied, but for other lessons too! So join SST, truly the choice institution!

My reflection--Cherin

Well, during the past 5 months here, a lot has happened from the 1st day I've been here. My first time I've been here, I feel that this school is exciting, yet interesting. To me, its an opportunity that I can make an impression in for the next few years and I feel honored to do that.
My first impression when I stepped into S1-09---my class I'm in, is that everyone is really friendly, and not as gossipy as my previous class back at my primary school. (which in a way thats good) The thing is we (S1-09) isn't really bonding together that fast, and many people seem shy (though I did get to see their true colors and personality after a while...), even during the camp, and I've met quite a few people in the camp, understand their personalities, and that made me glad that no one else from my primary school came into SST, as I want to get to know new people..
Through lessons, excursions, hanging out with my whole class, even just listening and seeing them enjoying each school day, makes me glad that I've chosen this school, with many new friends from this class and other classes, I'm really glad I chose this school with new learning experiences, new classmates/schoolmates, new things to know about each and every day, who wouldn't want to come to SST?

In the future months/days, I want to do my best for SST! Strive to excel as I say!

Our reflection in SST after about 6 months- Jun Hong

From the past few months, when I set foot onto SST on the first day of school, i had a bad feeling of starting the day badly by giving a bad impression on my schoolmates. Then when the first session started, i thought that the teachers will be like those cranky and hot-tempered ones. But actually all teachers are kind and friendly. Except the chemistry teacher, a strict guy as if we are in the National Service, but nontheless still quite fine after some time. My classmate were quite funny and great to play with. I had the feeling that our class is not the same as the previous class i went through. We (109) as the teacher commented took longer to bond with as everybody during that time were extremely shy. But when we bond together it would be quite difficult to separate. Almost everyone were from different schools all over Singapore. I was very privileged to be learning in SST. Although we went home quite late and we did not quite like it because we were not the used to it. Each student is very uniquely different in my class. We have quite a large variety of different attitudes and lifestyles. Then at the first few days of school were the most fun ones we had the camp and it was fantastic apart from the mosquitoes, the hard floor we had to sleep and the part where everyone of us 150 students have to share 3 small rooms. But still the activities lined up for us. Overall, it was a pleasant experience considering the things we have learnt.


During the 5 months of going to SST, I have many friends. We also have many learning journeys like NeWater, Sentosa, etc………………………………………………………………………………………………………
  • Sentosa: We went around Sentosa in Siloso Beach and Palawan Beach for geography.
  • NeWater: We went to the NeWater plant to learn more about NeWater.

Reflection of my journey at SST

It is fun and interactive. The teachers and other students are kind and friendly, with the exception of a few. I learned a lot in SST and the teachers made the lessons rememberable. The teachers are approachable and like to joke.

Overall, I am glad I chose SST as my secondary school.